2019 – 2025



2019 – 2025




The programme will reach 2,000 families with a focus on Women Headed Household and Households with a Person with a Disability (PwD).



The Goal of the programme is to graduate families out of subsistence living.



The programme will be operating across four districts

Kilinochchi (North) Kandavalai Kilinochchi has the highest poverty rating among the 25 districts in the country. Kandavalai is ranked the second poorest among the 4 divisions
Kilinochchi (North) Poonakary Poonakary is ranked the poorest among the 4 divisions
Batticaloa (East) Vavuntheevu Vavunthatheevu is the poorest division in the country
Pollonaruwa Pollonaruwa High vulnerability, families identified through the Pilot Village2Markets programme

How we have ensured that we have selected the most food insecure

This programme has specifically targeted the most food insecure, families who are unable to regularly eat three meals a day. Families have been identified through a multistakeholder process over a period of 3 months engaging Government, Civil Society and Social institutions.


How this programme works

The programme will leverage the Graduation approach which focuses on 4 key pillars and adopts a targeted approach for each family to ensure their graduation over a 12 – 18 month period.

In the targeted areas of this programme, we identified that there was a lack of social mobilisation which would impact the social empowerment component of the Graduation Approach.

In response to this, the programme will be adding a second component in many of the locations – Self Help Group Model. The Self Help Group programme brings together women through a multilayers platform to change economic, social and political challenges they face. The purpose of the Self Help Group is captured in the image below.


Palmera is working with a lead national local partner and supporting sub-implementing agencies who have deep knowledge and relationships in the geographical locations. By working with national and locally based Sri Lankan agencies, Palmera builds the critical civil society landscape and builds long term capacity for future programmes.


Lead Partner



Sub-Implementing Partners

  • Organization for Integrated Sustainable Development
  • Mahashakthy Women Federtation
  • Rural Planning Development Organization
  • Grameeya Sanwaradan Padanama
  • Arunodaya Maha Sangamaya