Our carefully-chosen local partners have a community-centred approach, excellent
reporting practices, and years of experience implementing effective, economic inclusion projects in their area.

Why does Palmera work with local partners?

We believe that investing in local organizations is the best way to create long-term impact. With years of economic inclusion experience and nuanced knowledge of the regions they serve, our local partners are true experts in their field.

What is Palmera’s relationship with local partners?

We work in deep collaboration with our local partners – it is sometimes hard to know where Palmera ends and our local partner work begins because of the cohesive way in which we operate. We believe that our local partners bring the best of local knowledge and context and we believe that Palmera brings the best of global best practice and cutting edge approaches. Together we believe we can bring the best of our skills to create long term change. In every case, local experts are designing, implementing, and monitoring the work.

Here are just a few of the local partners we work with in Sri Lanka